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Business Administration

Are you overwhelmed with administrative tasks that are taking up too much of your time or you simply don't enjoy doing?

Here are some of the tasks I can take off your hands:

  • Bookkeeping, credit control, expenses and invoicing via Xero

  • Managing your inbox in Microsoft Outlook and Gmail

  • Formatting documents in Microsoft Word and Google Docs

  • Creating reports and analysing data in Microsoft Excel

  • Designing presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint and Canva

  • Finding and booking locations for meetings and events

  • Managing your Social Media

  • Minute taking and Audio Transcription

  • Plus much, much more...

Xero Bookkeeping
I am able to work with the Xero Bookkeeping system confidently with tasks including, but not limited to:
  • Reconciliations
  • Invoices/Purchase orders
  • Chart of accounts
  • Invoice templates
I am Anti Money Laundering registered
which is obligatory to carry out these tasks.
Quiet Desk


Have you visited a website or read a document that has spelling and grammar mistakes? 


If you do not proofread your reports, blog posts, social media content or any other material, you’re at risk of errors slipping through and the presentation will look unprofessional.


It’s all too easy to overlook errors in your own work. I can carefully check the content as well amend its layout.