My Charges

My Approach

Each relationship I have with a business owner or individual is unique and tailored to their needs. 


I can complete tasks by the hour, as a one- off fee or as a retainer. Which of these is chosen depends upon the support required and how long it might take.

I keep a record of the time I spend working on a task. This will always be broken down on my invoice.

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Sample Charging Packages

  • Standard Rate: This rate is best suited to you if you either wish to use my services on a one-off occasion or have a small amount of work that you need help with.  Payment is by invoice in arrears. 

  • Single Purchase Packages: This package may suit if you have a set budget or the business has a specific project. 

  • Retainer Scheme: If you require regular, ongoing support then a retainer may be the most suitable. Retainers will be invoiced monthly in advance. Unused time is non-transferable.


Standard Rate:

  • Remote support:

    • £25 per hour 

  • Support at your premises:

    • £25 per hour + expenses 

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