I am based in Ivybridge, Devon.
My role is to support businesses and individuals with quality, affordable Administrative assistance either remotely or within their offices.
Outsourcing your administration can significantly reduce your workload, freeing up your time to complete the tasks that you are best at.
If you are looking for extra time, more organisation or just growing your company then you have come to the right place!

Exeter, Plymouth, Torquay, Devon, Ivybridge, PL4 8A, PL7 5J, PL4 0S, PL6 8B

Claire Perry

T: 07977 468608

E: claireperry_va@outlook.com

F: @claireperryvirtualassistant

It may be difficult to see the value in hiring a Virtual Assistant. After all you’re paying someone to do what you can do yourself but think about what you can achieve in the time that’s been freed up by doing so.
You have more time and reduced workload
​Time is valuable and once wasted it is gone. This can prove costly to a freelancer or small business. I can take care of the tasks that frees up your time to focus on where your business needs you. You can explore new opportunities you otherwise wouldn’t have had the opportunity to.
Make Money
​By outsourcing your non- moneymaking tasks, you are now able to spend that time doing the things that actually makes you money and you enjoy doing!
 I am flexible
​Only need support for three hours one week but more the next? No problem.
You wouldn’t have this flexibility with a permanent employee. You would need to keep them busy to get your money’s worth and then you have holiday pay, sick pay, pension, etc. to worry about. I am available as and when you need me.

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