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‘A year in the life of: Claire Perry Virtual Assistant’

I cannot believe it is a year since I left a full-time job to set up as a Self-Employed Virtual Assistant. What a journey it’s been.

I’ve had my ups:

· I secured my first client before I even launched

· My first review:

"Claire is professional, knowledgeable, organised and trustworthy.
Highly recommended".

· A message from LinkedIn-

‘Just spoken to Oli who was singing your praises- well done you!’

I’ve had my downs:

· The inbox is empty and no leads in the pipeline

· A client I thought would sign up suddenly said they were employing someone

· ‘I really don’t want to get up this morning to Network!’

Review of my client base

I recently reviewed my client base and it was strikingly obvious that I am not working as a Virtual Assistant, for a majority of my time; more than 70% of my time is spent in clients’ businesses.

Not only that, the work I have been doing has been more planning, directing, or coordinating one or more administrative services for those businesses.

In most cases I have been given free range as to how to complete the task at hand and the people I have worked with have all been open to my suggestions and changes.

Basically, I have been working as a flexible Business Operations Administrator.

Case Study

I met Oli Johnson from Safewear SW in March of this year. He was struggling with the business cashflow due to late invoice payments. I started working in his office on a weekly basis; ringing clients for payment. I noticed that the problem was twofold; the system and procedures for managing debt was unstructured and inconsistent and, in addition, the Accountant was making errors. Having talked to his clients for many weeks I also started to understand their frustrations with the invoicing/ payment system.

Oli was open to my suggestions for change. He took on a new Accountant and Accounting package, and we introduced a new debt chasing procedure.

I continue to work with Oli on a fortnightly basis.

Safewear Testimonial:

Her expertise and can-do attitude have been impressive to see. The impact of having Claire in the business has been great, we wish we had called her earlier.

If you are looking for administrative assistance in your business, don’t hesitate contact Claire Perry.

Guaranteed professionalism!!''

Case Study

I have been working with Friary Mill Bakery for over 9 months. I support them in their payroll department, helped with implementing Minimum Wage increases and Auto Enrolment, as well as with changes they needed to make for GDPR.

Friary Mill Testimonial:

'Claire is very easy to work with and has fitted into our team immediately,
providing advice and support where we needed it.
We highly recommend her''.

My Business Operations Administrator Support proposal

I am officially launching my Business Operations Administrator arm as an alternative offering to businesses. I can help put administrative processes and structures into a business to make your workplace more efficient and profitable, subsequently removing some of the ‘chaos’, so that you are spending time being most efficient and profitable.

Does all this resonate with you?

If so, please do not hesitate to contact me for a free no obligation discussion

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